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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent SOYSAL


Faculty of Communication


New Media

İdari Görevler

Dean, Institute of Social Sciences
Director, Istanbul Studies Center
Program Director, MA Program in Communication Studies
Member, University Senate


İlgi Alanları

Anthropology of Europe and Turkey; Anthropology of the City; Globalization, Europeanization, and the Metropolis; Transnationalism and Migration; Youth Culture and Identity; Spectacle, Ritual, and Performance.


Eğitim Bilgileri

Ph.D.        Anthropology, Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, 1999.

Graduate work (MA), Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, 1988-90.

M.S.            Mathematics, Bogaziçi University, Turkey, February 1978.

B.S.            Chemical Engineering, Bogaziçi University, Turkey, June 1975.

Kariyer Bilgileri

Associate Professor of Anthropology, 2008-
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema, Kadir Has University,Istanbul, 2003-2010.

Program Director, MA in CommunicationSciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Kadir Has University, 2006-present.

Assistant Professor, European College ofLiberal Arts, Berlin, September 2002-2003.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies, Free University, Berlin, September 2001-2003.

Assistant Professor, New York University, John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Humanities and Social Thought, January 1998-September 2001.

Ödüller Burslar

Principal Researcher, Turkish Team, Research Project on Europeanization,multiple modernities and collective identities – nation, religion and ethnicityin an enlarging Europe” (EUROMM) 2008-2011 [Theproject is funded by VolkswagenStiftung and carried out under the direction of a team of researchers, comprisingof Wolfgang Knoebl, Matthias Koenig, and Willfried Spohn. The project includesteams working on Austria, Germany, Britain, France, Turkey, Poland, Romania, andGreece, with researchers from University of Warsaw, University of Bucharest,and University of Zürich, and University of Göttingen].


Principal Researcher, Research TrainingNetwork, The Integration of European Second Generation (TIES), Marie Curie Actions, European Commission, 6th Framework Program on Research,Technological Development and Demonstration, 2006-2009 [Kadir Has Universityparticipates in the RTN-TIES in partnership with 11 other European researchcenters and universities, including InstitutNational d’Etudes Démographiques (INED, France), Institutefor Migration and Ethnic Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam (IMES, the Netherlands), and Sussex Centre for MigrationResearch, Sussex University (SCMR, United Kingdom)].

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Grant,(with Dr. MichiKnecht) for the Student Seminarand Research Project on Istanbul–Berlin: Globalisation and urban connectionsin everyday life, with theparticipation of Kadir Has University, Humboldt University-Berlin, andUniversity of Arts-Berlin, February-July 2007.


ThyssenFoundation Grant (with Wolfgang Kaschuba and Michi Knecht) for the organizationof the International Colloquium on Performing Policy, Enacting Diversity: European Summer Carnivals inComparative Perspective, 13-15 May 2005, Humboldt-University, Berlin.


MiReKoc (Migration Research Program at the KocUniversity) Research Grant, 1 February-31 December, 2005.


European Union Conference Participation andTravel Grant, European Association of Social Anthropologists, September 2004.


Berlin Program for Advanced German and EuropeanStudies Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Social Science Research Council andFree University, Berlin, 2001-2002.

Verdiği Dersler (En Son 3 Yıl)


        Keywords: Introduction to Theory and Method

        City, Culture, Media

        Culture Industries

        Everyday Life, Culture and Society

        Graduating Project

        Reading &Writing Popular Culture

        Distant Learning:World Cultures


        Cultural Theory

        Social Theory

        City and Spectacle

Üye Olduğu Profesyonel Kuruluşlar

Member, American Anthropological Association (Section membership: Society for Cultural Anthropology, Society for the Anthropology of Europe, and American Ethnological Society), 1993-present.

Member, European Association of Social Anthropologists, 1992-present.

Member, The Council for European Studies, 2002-present.

Member, NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies), 2010-present.

Member, American Folklore Society, 1990-2002.

Advisory Board Member,  GLOMIG (Global Migration from the Eastern Mediterranean and Euroasia: Security and Human Rights Challenges to Europe, Sıxth Framework Programme, Prıorıty 7, Cıtızens And Governance In A Knowledge Based Socıety, Project Coordinator: Middle East Technical University), 2008.

Advisory Board Member, Projekt Migration (Kölnischer Kunst Verein and Insitut für Kulturanthropoligie und Europäische Ethnologie der Universität Frankfurt am Main), 2003-2006.

Member at Large, Executive Board, Society for the Anthropology of Europe, American Anthropological Association, 2007-2009.

Member, Program Committee,
The Council for European Studies, Barcelona, 2011.

Yürütmekte Olduğu Projeler

Yayınlanmış Çalışmaları (son 5 yıl içinde)

SCI / SSCI / AHI’de Taranan Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

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 “Labor to Culture: Writing Turkish Migration to Europe,” in Relocating the Fault Lines: Turkey beyond the East-West Divide, Special Issue, edited by Sibel Irzık and Güven Güzeldereli, The South Atlantic Quarterly 102(2/3) Spring/Summer 2003.

Ulusal Hakemli Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

Uluslararası Hakemli Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

“Triumph ofculture, troubles of anthropology,” in Special Issue on Culture Talk, Mary Taylor, editor, Focaal 55(2009): 3-11.


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Kitap ve Kitap Bölümleri

Books and Journal Issues:

Orienting Istanbul: Cultural Capital of Europe? Co-editor with (Deniz Göktürk and İpek Türeli), Routledge, London, 2010.

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Book Sections:

“World City Berlin and the Spectacles of Identity: Public Events, Immigrants and the Politics of Performance,”in Land of Diverse Migrations: Challenges of Emigration and Immigration in Turkey, Ahmet Icduygu and Kemal Kirisci, eds, pp. 249-97. Istanbul: Istabul Bilgi University Press, 2009.

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Diğer Yayınları

A Review of David Horrocks and Eva Kolinsky, editors, TurkishCulture in German Society Today, Providence:Berghahn Books, 1996. H-Net book review, published by, May, 1998.

A Review of Thomas M. Wilson and M. Estellie Smith, editors, CulturalChange & the New Europe, Westview Press,1993.  American Ethnologist, 23:160-61, 1996.

Devrimci Petunyalar (RevolutionaryPetunias; Poems by Alice Walker). Translation withA. Nazım. İstanbul: Gün Işığı Kitaplığı, 1998.

İyi Geceler,Willie Lee” (Goodnight, Willie Lee, Poems by Alice Walker). Translation with A. Nazım. İstanbul: İyiŞeyler Yayıncılık, 1992.

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